3 Common Cadillac Escalade Problems

A list of some of the most common issues Escalade owners have to deal with.

  1. Delaminated CUE Screens

    The CUE infotainment system found in most 2013-2018 Cadillac vehicles has a screen with major design and installation flaws resulting in bubbles, cracks, and an unresponsive interface.

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  2. Service StabiliTrak Light

    There's an issue in many GM vehicles where the Service StabiliTrak warning light will turn on and off. Not only does this mean the stability control system isn't working, but some owners say it comes along with reduced engine power and a je…

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  3. A/C Condensor Leaks

    GM used leaky air conditioners that buckle under pressure in many 2014-2017 trucks and SUVs. Whether it's busted hoses or leaky condensors, thousands of GM owners are showing up to work with sweat stains down their back. It's such a widespr…

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What Escalade Owners Complain About

Sometimes it helps just to tally up the complaints and see where the biggest stacks are. Use this information to learn about troublespots or to run for the hills.

What Breaks the Most

Years to Avoid

Escalade Generations

The Escalade has 5 generations, each with their own issues. Using the same PainRank™ system we've determined that you're better off avoiding the 2nd generation (2002–2006).

Escalade Key Numbers

  1. 64 complaints

    Running tally of owner grievances filed to CarComplaints.com.

  2. 3,240 service bulletins

    Documenting the process of troubleshooting common problems.

  3. 32 recall campaigns

    Time-sensitive, free repairs for widespread safety problems.

Escalade Class-Action Lawsuits

The Escalade has been named as a class vehicle in the following lawsuits.

  • Goldstein, et al., v. General Motors LLC.

    1. Case Filed

      The plaintiffs in this case say GM included warranty codes in their service bulletins to assist technicians with repair procedures. If they won’t issue a recall to permanently fix the problem, the lawsuit would like to see a reimbursement program for customers who have or will pay for repairs related to the CUE systems.

    Delaminated CUE Screens
    Class Vehicles
    • 2013-2017 ATS
    • 2013-2017 SRX
    • 2013-2017 XTS
    • 2014-2017 CTS
    • 2014-2017 ELR
    • 2014-2017 Escalade
  • Gruchacz, et al., v. General Motors, LLC

    1. Case Filed

      During a visit to the dealership for an unrelated recall repair in March of 2018, plaintiff Tonya Gruchacz asked her mechanics about her vehicle’s CUE screen. She described the screen as appearing to be shattered and that it was not responding to touch.

    Delaminated CUE Screens
    Class Vehicles
    • 2013-2017 ATS
    • 2013-2017 SRX
    • 2013-2017 XTS
    • 2014-2017 CTS
    • 2014-2017 ELR
    • 2014-2017 Escalade
    New Jersey
  • Jones Won, et. al, v. General Motors Company et. al.

    1. Case Filed

      GM air conditioning problems are caused by condensers and discharge lines, at least according to a proposed class-action lawsuit that includes the following long list of Cadillac, Chevy and GMC trucks and SUVs.

    A/C Condensor Leaks
    Class Vehicles
    • 2015-2016 Escalade 4WD Base
    • 2015-2016 Escalade 4WD Luxury
    • 2015-2016 Escalade 4WD Platinum
    • 2015-2016 Escalade 4WD Premium
    • 2015-2016 Escalade RWD Base
    • 2015-2016 Escalade RWD Luxury
    • 2015-2016 Escalade RWD Platinum
    • 2015-2016 Escalade RWD Premium
    • 2015-2017 Escalade ESV 4WD Base
    • 2015-2017 Escalade ESV 4WD Luxury
    • 2015-2017 Escalade ESV 4WD Platinum
    • 2015-2017 Escalade ESV 4WD Premium
    • 2015-2017 Escalade ESV RWD Base
    • 2015-2017 Escalade ESV RWD Luxury
    • 2015-2017 Escalade ESV RWD Platinum
    • 2015-2017 Escalade ESV RWD Premium
    New York

Recent Escalade News

There's a lot of news out there, but not all of it matters. We try to boil down it to the most important bits about things that actually help you with your car problem. Interested in getting these stories in an email? Signup for free email alerts over at CarComplaints.com.

  1. A federal investigation wants to know if rusty connectors are preventing 2020-2021 GM airbags from deploying.

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has received six reports of severe crashes where the airbags didn't deploy in GM vehicles, despite those vehicles receiving "significant frontal damage." All six crashes resulted in injuries.…

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  2. GM is recalling nearly 4,800 new trucks and SUVs, and telling their owners to stop driving until their front upper control arms can be repaired.

    The automaker blames the problem on a bad weld near the control arm bushing, a problem the automaker discovered on a GMC Yukon XL Denali. The faulty weld can cause the control arm to change shape and eventually separate.…

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  3. Ever hear of spacer fabric?

    Want to know why you should care about it? Because the spacer fabric in your Escalade may stop your airbags from deploying. The incorrect spacer fabric can cause problems with the adhesion between the spacer fabric and the vinyl surface. If the adhesion isn't strong enough the passenger air bag can have problems deploying correctly in a crash.

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