What's Wrong with the Cadillac CT6?

Owners of this sedan have sent in 12 complaints, mostly about transmission problems, followed by the drivetrain and engine issues. It's overall PainRank™ of 2.4 ranks 14th in reliability out of 25 Cadillac models.

The Most Common CT6 Complaints

These are the worst complaints — weighing repair cost, failure mileage & other factors. The red bar shows what percentage this problems represents for the vehicle's overall complaints. Why 7? Because showing more just get depressing.

  Count Avg. Mileage Cost
3 5,700 N/A
2 18,290 N/A
1 1,100 N/A
1 10,000 N/A
1 5,070 N/A
1 100 N/A
1 40 N/A

Complaints by Topic

transmission 5
drivetrain 2
engine 1
body / paint 1
accessories - interior 1

Complaints by Year

2017 6
2016 5
2018 1

CT6 Generations

Generations are groups of model years where the vehicles are continuously produced, using similar engineering and shared features. Generation data isn't always cut-and-dry and is often different for different countries. When in doubt, we use North American generation data.

  1. 1st Generation CT6 (2016—2018)

    This generation ranks 24th in reliability out of 37 generations.

    • PainRank™ 2.43
    • Complaints 12

    Active Years

CT6 in the News


  • Don’t Blame CT6 Drivers Rolling Down the Road With Their Blinkers On


    A tiny number of 2019 Cadillac CT6 sedans may not cancel the turn signal after the steering wheel has returned to center.** It’s a defect that could turn you into that person. You know the one I’m talking about. The driver obliviously rolling down the road with their blinker on, leaving a swell of eye rolls in their wake. Don’t be that person. Have your signal switch replaced by Cadillac in this recall.

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  • CT6 Recalled For Missing Bolts


    A seat belt isn't going to do you a whole lot of good when it's not properly attached to the car in the first place. That's what's happening with 131 Cadillac CTS sedans. Apparently someone on the assembly line forgot to install the front passenger seat belt anchor bolts. According to GM, the recalled cars were built during two days 07/21/2016 and 07/22/2016. My guess? That matches up with the same time Carl forgot to order more coffee for the break room. Way to go, Carl.

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Recalls, Investigations, and Technical Service Bulletins

CT6 Recalls

There are 3 CT6 recalls and the following years are involved in the most campaigns.

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2016 2
2018 2
2017 1

CT6 Investigations

There are 0 CT6 investigations.

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There are 692 CT6 TSBs and the following years are involved in the most.

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2016 583
2017 473
2018 228