What is PainRank™?

PainRank™ is a scoring system by CarComplaints.com that uses relative complaint analysis to determine which vehicles suffer the most defects. It's more than just complaint volume as the score also considers the average cost of repairs, the mileage at failure, the age of the vehicle, among other factors.

Bottom line: the higher the score, the more painful it is to own.

Least Reliable Cadillac Generations

Cadillac generations have an average PainRank™ of 2.26.

35th2nd Generation SRX (2010-2017)32714.81
34th1st Generation CTS (2003-2007)14011.47
33rd2nd Generation CTS (2008-2013)10710.39
32nd1st Generation SRX (2004-2009)938.57
31st8th Generation DeVille (2000-2005)1118.03
30th1st Generation ATS (2013-2019)524.41
29th7th Generation DeVille (1994-1999)724.32
28th1st Generation DTS (2006-2011)443.64
27th1st Generation XTS (2013-2019)422.8
26th1st Generation XT4 (2019-2021)132.7
25th1st Generation XLR (2004-2009)152.47
24th1st Generation XT5 (2017-2021)182.41
23rd3rd Generation CTS (2014-2019)302
22nd5th Generation SeVille (1998-2004)271.82
21st1st Generation Catera (1998-2001)131.61
20th2nd Generation Escalade (2002-2006)151.57
19th1st Generation Escalade (1999-2000)61.55
18th3rd Generation Escalade (2007-2014)311.5
17th1st Generation STS (2005-2011)291.47
16th1st Generation CT6 (2016-2020)121.19
15th4th Generation Escalade (2015-2020)121.09
14th2nd Generation CTS-V (2008-2014)61.05
13th6th Generation DeVille (1985-1993)280.74
12th10th Generation Eldorado (1992-2002)180.6
11th1st Generation Escalade EXT (2002-2013)130.5
10th3rd Generation SeVille (1986-1991)60.48
9th4th Generation SeVille (1992-1997)120.46
8th1st Generation ATS-V (2016-2019)30.44
7th1st Generation CTS-V (2004-2007)20.34
6th1st Generation Brougham (1988-1992)20.16
5th1st Generation ELR (2014-2017)10.14
4th9th Generation Eldorado (1987-1991)30.08
3rd2nd Generation Fleetwood (1993-1996)10.06
2nd1st Generation Escalade Hybrid (2009-2013)20.06
1st1st Generation Fleetwood (1985-1992)120.05
N/A1st Generation CT5 (2020-2021)0N/A
N/A1st Generation CT4 (2020-2021)0N/A
N/A1st Generation CT6-V (2020-2020)0N/A
N/A1st Generation XT6 (2020-2021)0N/A
N/A1st Generation Allante (1990-1993)0N/A
N/A3rd Generation CTS-V (2015-2019)0N/A
N/A5th Generation Escalade (2021-2021)0N/A

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