Rear Drive Shaft Vibrations Can Deploy the CTS Airbags

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It's summertime, so you might be picking up some good vibrations from the Beach Boys (kids, ask your parents). Or, if you're a CTS owner, you might be picking up bad vibrations from the drive shaft. To make matters worse, that faulty rear drive shaft is causing severe enough vibrations to trigger the car's rollover sensor, deploying the roof rail airbags randomly. Oy.

The Affected Vehicles: 2011 Cadillac CTS

The Fix: GM dealers will completely replace the rear drive shaft assembly

Next Steps: There's no word from GM on when the recall is slated to begin, but keep an eye on your mailbox for an official recall notice soon. Not literally though -- putting your eye on the mailbox sounds painful and will probably alarm the neighbors. Questions or concerns? Give Cadillac a ring at: 800-458-8006

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